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The Yarn Mission is a growing organization that thrives on community involvement and strives to be a catalyst for change. Currently, we are reachable at and through our various social media accounts.

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Who we are

The Yarn Mission began in St. Louis following the murder of Mike Brown as a way for Black Women to share space beyond the streets. The Yarn Mission now has chapters in St. Louis (MO) and Minneapolis (MN). Chapters are also forming in Atlanta (GA) and Brooklyn (NY).

The Yarn Mission is a knitting collective that is purposefully Pro-Black, Pro-Rebellion, and Pro-Community for the achievement of Black Liberation. Our three principles guide the work that we do and how we do it as artists. First, in being pro-Black, The Yarn Mission centers the lives and livelihood of Black Women. We seek to support Black folks wherever they are with whatever they are doing (whether that is knitting related or not). It is a fact that once Black folks are free, all people will be free. This is necessary true due to an inclusive understanding of freedom and the real intersections that exist between Blackness and all other identities. Second, on pro-rebellion, we encourage and support rebellious, anti-oppressive, and liberatory work. For instance, we have a strong relationship with the Million Artist Movement ( In our own organizing, we are growing to reject capitalism in favor of cooperative economics. Moreover, we proclaim people over everything (systems, money, buildings, etc) and refuse to condemn responses to oppression that do not involve oppression. Third, pro-community means that we respond to the desires and guidance of chosen and/or geographically defined communities. In particular, we show up when community organizes and intentionally meet in community. When we meet in community to teach knitting, we stress accessibility by having supplies available for free and choosing accessible spaces (in terms of navigability and transportation access).

Meet The Makers


Youth Worker. Social Justice Warrior. Learner/Educator. Rainbow Lover. Puppy Enthusiast.

Annie - Minneapolis

I am so fortunate to be apart of TYM, to explore my design skills, learn and grow with other amazing knitters, partake in collective economics and just be in a space where I feel like a whole-heartedly belong. My favorite things to knit are small fussy things with fingering weight yarn, mostly socks and shawls.

Annie-made Items


Feminist. Anti-Racist. Pot-Stirrer. Abolitionist.

Jeanne - Minneapolis

I feel honored & humbled to be included in TYM. I love seeing first hand how much the work we do uplifts the lives of Black & other artists of color. My favorite thing to knit: Sweaters.

Jeanne-made Items


Doll maker. Yarn artist. Painter.

Marét - Minneapolis

TYM is vital to the sustainability of P.O.C Artists and communities. I can make art and have help promoting my art in a way that isn’t exploitative, which is normalized in Euro-centric art scenes. I, as a WOC and an artist, feel supported, appreciated, and respected for who I am and what I create. Finally.

Maret-made Items


Dreamer & Resister

CheyOnna - Minneapolis

For me, The Yarn Mission paves our way to freedom by allowing us to create a society worth living for. In my preservation-time, I love to knit lace items and hats.

CheyOnna-made Items


Mother, Professional, Director of Education - U City School Board, Revolutionary Knitter

Kay - St. Louis

I loved the concept of The Yarn Mission and was excited to be asked to learn to knit and then be charged with teaching others. I especially love teaching youth. If you see me out, you'll probably see me knitting, typically a scarf or hat.

Kay-made Items


Freedom Fighter, visionary

Taylor - St. Louis

Learning how to knit changed my life. I am a St. Louis native who was working a corporate job when Mike Brown was murdered. My life has been revolutionized since the Ferguson Uprising, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Taylor-made Items