Thank you for joining us in a fun knitting challenge. Let us connect and build community through making. I hope that the challenge will be inspiring, motivating, and fun! Here is how it works.

Step 1 – Get your board

It is totally up to you which version of the challenge you do. On one hand, you can do the regular (and very super) version which has 10 blocks to check off during the year. On the other hand, you can do the points version. The points version provides extra challenge by assigning points to each of the 10 blocks. You can earn bonus points by using local yarn, stashed yarn, and/or support Black artists (dyers, spinners, designers, etc).

Each board provides space for you to track your completed qualifying projects.

Regular Version
Points Version

Step 2 – Get Connected

One of the purposes of The Yarn Mission and the knitting challenge is to build an intentional making community. We find that we are all better when we are connected so join us! Follow The Yarn Mission on facebook , instagram, and join our facebook group. Use #2019knittingchallenge and participate in associated contests!

Hint: the fb group is a great place to ask questions

Step 3 – Get Going

Now that you are connected, plan out some projects that help you check off a box! Check back here as we create additional resources to help you!

Check out the Blog post “Black yarn dyers and the case for Purposeful Support” to find a list of some Black yarn dyers and Black-owned Yarn Companies.