The Yarn Mission

We are a collective that knits for Black Liberation. Join us for community, connection, and guidance.

Join us for the 2019 Knitting Challenge!

The Mission

Black Lives Matter protesting


What We Do:

  • Center Black Folks
  • Remain Black-led
  • Pay Black People for their work
  • Support and Advertise Black Folks

What You Can Do:


We collaborate with likeminded organizations for the advancement of justice and the end of oppressive systems.

What We Do:



We consider it a prime objective to engage with our communities to encourage, facilitate, and support our collective mobilization. We seek to engage the public and those not normally involved in activism. (read more)

How to Engage your Community

  • Be informed (check out our blog)
  • Show up in ways you are able
  • Attend a Knitting Meetup/event (link)
  • Start a local chapter of The Yarn Mission


Importantly, while we organize around Black Liberation, we support efforts to liberate all marginalized groups and folks at the intersections. The Yarn Mission is organized on the values of intersectionality and is anti-oppressive at its core. We hold that it is essential to acknowledge that oppression creates hierarchies according to many identities. We also recognize that all individuals sit at the intersection of multiple identities.

These identities cannot be separated, although various elements may be more influential in certain situations. This means that we do not organize solely around race, just as we do not organize solely around class, gender or sexuality. Rather we consider and learn about the role that various identities play and strive for inclusivity and accessibility.

Community Engagement & Activism


The Yarn Mission is constantly looking for new ways to engage our communities. Get looped in!