Two Thousand and Eighteen : Breathing

Hello all.

This post is many things. First of all it is an apology. I apologize that we have been behind and somewhat silent. I feel guilty about my unfulfilled ambitions and my lack of communication. However, secondly this is a note of appreciation. I appreciate every soul that have given time and space. I appreciate all of y’alls patience and flexibility as well. Thank you for letting me and the rest have a moment to breathe and catch our breath again.


Lastly, this post is a promise. We will bring new breath to this collective. My specific goals are to strengthen the inner workings of our collective with improved communication and guidance. I also want for us to interact more (I plan on working on this through the fb group).


In the midst of those things, we will have new product added to our website (hint: sewn baby items). Thank you for your patience and flexibility and please continue to send your support in the form of thoughts and well wishes.


Sending love and care, CheyOnna