Black Yarn Dyers and the case for Purposeful Support

With the creation and popularity of #diversknitty, #blackgirlsknit, #blackknittersofinstagram, and MORE there has been some increased attention paid to inclusivity in the maker’s realm. I feel like we celebrated together seeing the cover of Pom Pom Magazine Issue 23 (though a look through the back issues reveals a refreshing assortment of cover models). Indeed, this is an integral part of … Read More

Two Thousand and Eighteen : Breathing

Hello all. This post is many things. First of all it is an apology. I apologize that we have been behind and somewhat silent. I feel guilty about my unfulfilled ambitions and my lack of communication. However, secondly this is a note of appreciation. I appreciate every soul that have given time and space. I appreciate all of y’alls patience … Read More

Twin Cities: Upcoming Films on Justice

Jeanne writing here! I am writing this post in support of April Reign, who is pushing Hollywood to get better about Black representation in front of and behind film and TV cameras (and my love of film). Indeed, the rest of the world does a better job at representation than Hollywood does. That’s why I clear my April calendar every … Read More

Closing 2016 and Naming 2017

In 2016, we participated in Vogue Knitting Live for the first time. This event catalyzed our delving into pattern design, building a relationship with Neighborhood Fiber Company, and being able to support and spread money around to other Black artists and makers. However, VKLive was not the only meaningful thing we have done this year. Rather we have continued to … Read More

Invitation for White Supporters in the Twin Cities

This is an invitation for white folks in the Twin Cities who support The Yarn Mission from me, Jeanne Burns, a white knitter and Yarn Mission enthusiast. Last year after the election I saw an announcement for Safetypin Box, a subscription service for white folks to get learning assignments from Leslie Mac and Marissa Jenae Johnson, two Black women in … Read More

From Reparations to Regeneration: A call for the redistribution of wealth, resources, and access

The Case for Reparations By Ta-Nehisi Coates What Does Justice Look Like By Waziyatawin, Ph.D{C77C5426-031A-4F37-A7A4-09B76B8B3C5B} Collective Courage: A History of African American Cooperative Economic Thought and Practice by Jessica Gordon Nembhard            If you seek to learn about reparations specifically for Black people living in what we call United States of America, you will see a contentious … Read More

Five Reasons Why I am not Enamored with the Women’s March (local or national)

I have remained largely silent about the Women’s Marches. This is because I avoid speaking negatively about women of color’s (and in particular Black Women’s) efforts. At this point, this merely warrants the following disclaimer: I recognize that Black Women that I respect are involved in elements of the march’s organization. This is not enough for me to join hands … Read More

Pre-VogueKnitting Live Minneapolis

First of all,  I hope you love the revisions to our website! Second, we have begun gathering in Minneapolis for VogueKnitting Live Minneapolis , which begins later today and continues through November 6th. We are excited to be there and thrilled to have brought other creative artists with us. This three-day event will allow us to sell and build community with … Read More